Friday's Find #319

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Are you ready to see the fabulous finds on this last Friday of the year? My first score is a vintage Washington souvenir tray...

vintage thrift store finds

The colors are really lovely--here you can see a closer look at the different scenes of Washington's memorials and monuments. AVAILABLE HERE!

thrift store finds of the week

These modular Tupperware pieces are from the 80s. The taller containers are 22 oz and the smaller one is 15 oz. AVAILABLE HERE!

thrift store finds of the week

Last but not least, more 80s Tupperware--a set of 6 gray parfait dishes AVAILABLE HERE!

thrift store finds of the week

Until next time, happy hunting! 
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  1. Cecelia,
    I still have some of those modular Tupperware pieces and use them!! Mine have orange tops....I have to ask you something about a piece I saw online....Have you heard anything about not using Corelle Corning ware pieces that were made before 2005 because of lead content? I only saw it in one article... I have all my corningware from when I first got married in 1978...

  2. Great finds! I am still using my 1973 Tupperware; I love the rectangular yellow ones that hold 1# of brown sugar, raisins, or cornstarch! Helps keep me organized. The colors of the Washington tray made me long for spring--it's a LONG wait here in Maine. Hope you had a great Christmas!


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