Lovely Vintage Hankies and Linens: Friday's Find #245

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! This week's fab features are a few of my favorite things: vintage hankies and linens! Have you ever seen a round hankie before--I had not! Don't you love the colors and floral design on this one? AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage round floral hankie

This little white linen hankie is pristine and features tatted lace trim.

vintage linen and lace hankie

Isn't it gorgeous? AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage linen and lace hankie

It always makes me a little sad to find a handmade piece like this rose patterned table topper that has seen better days. Someone took great care in adding sweet details like the rick rack trim and it was probably crafted for a specific place. I found it with some worn through frayed places and a few stains, so I'm selling it as-is. I like to think I'm helping to find it a good home ;) At 32" x 32" it's almost a yard, and would make a sweet throw pillow, sham or quilt squares.  AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage rose patterned table cloth

I've sold a few of these embroidered vintage pillowcases that I call southern belles. I found this one when Cecilia from the B Farm visited last fall, but had accidently stored it before photographing and sharing--oops! I came across it when I was going through linens for a special project I'll be sharing Monday. This one had been folded over to be displayed as a throw pillow at the thrift store, but it does fit a standard pillow. The chambray case features two embroidered southern belle linens.  AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage embroidered pillowcase

The floral fabric used for this set of napkins is very similar to a Waverly pattern I used to have, but the napkins didn't include any tags. Very shabby chic, don't you think? AVAILABLE HERE!

My Thrift Store Addiction

vintage hankies and linens

Drop by Monday to see my latest project featuring some of my favorite vintage hankies and linens! Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. The round hankie is so cool! I've never seen one either! Love all your finds. The rose patterned table topper is sweet...worn and all. And I remember the southern belles. Pretty finds. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. They are all so pretty! I see them a lot out thrifting. I have so many that I have to resist!

  3. Beautiful vintage linens. You always find the most lovely things.

  4. Wouldn't that round hanky make a lovely doll faux parasol? I enjoy my vintage linens and enjoy finding ones in good shape! Those napkins would be lovely with your vintage tablescapes or a garden party!

  5. The round one would look great framed.

  6. Where do you find so many lovely treasures?

  7. Like you I love old linens. I used to collect them, especially hankies but haven't collected in awhile. I look forward to your Monday post as I've always wanted to do something with them but have never known what! Right now they are in a sweet little basket that my granddaughter will go through occasionally. I do use some of them...I take one when I go to funerals where I know I will cry. There is just something sweet & special about a lady using a real hankie:) I have one or two of the Southern Bell style and just love them! I'll be dropping by on Monday!

  8. Love the round hankie. Glad you are enjoying them.
    Audrey Z.


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