Celebrating Blogger Friendships: Peace, Love and Comfort, Texas!

Happy Wednesday, Friends! Last week, I was blessed to spend some time celebrating my friendships with Cecilia from The B Farm and Audrey from Timeless Treasures. Over the last several years, we've forged a special bond from our shared passions for faith, thrifting and blogging. We always have fun sharing food and fellowship during our annual thriftathon. Tag along for a virtual tour, as I share our adventures!

Blogger friendships and Comfort, Texas

You may remember I met Audrey during her neighborhood garage sale several years ago. I was smitten with her vintage treasures and when we struck up a conversation, I learned Audrey had been blogging for years, while I had only been blogging for about a year at the time. In fact, Audrey was the one who introduced me to link parties. She's a dear soul and we've been friends, ever since. It's been a difficult year for Audrey due to her husband's health issues but many prayers have been answered and Mr. Z has continued to improve. 

blogger friendships and Comfort, Texas

When she learned Cecilia B. was coming for her annual visit, Audrey invited us over to help her downsize her fabulous collection of vintage linens. She generously gave us our picks to take home! If you know my affection for linens, you know she didn't have to twist my arm ;) Here's some of the linens I chose! 

antiques Comfort Texas

Cecilia B. and I met through blogging and discovered that in addition to our names and blogging, we have much in common including our ages, the ages of our children and of course, thrifting! Cecilia first visited in 2015. The following year, I made the trip to Canton with her and then she returned for another visit, last fall. During our visits, we've shopped the abundance of local thrift stores here, in Kerrville and gone antiquing in nearby Fredericksburg and Comfort. Since our birthdays are just about a week apart, we started the tradition of celebrating them together, too! This year, I gave Cecilia B. this embroidered pillow I crafted from a vintage linen and she brought me this pretty red transferware Christmas plate. 

celebrating blogger friendships and Comfort, Texas

When Cecilia B. has visited previously, the Find's Warehouse sale hasn't been open. However, the third time was a charm and we arrived early for Wednesday's sale to score the best deals. We weren't disappointed! With most items being priced 2/.25 and everything else 75% off, we both spent just $5 and left loaded down with treasures. {I'll be sharing mine Friday!} We saw Audrey at the sale and then all had lunch at Grape Juice.

celebrating blogger friendships

On Thursday morning, we headed to Comfort to check out some of the local antiques before Cecilia B headed home. First stop, a delicious birthday breakfast of French toast from High's Cafe and Store. Yum! 

antiques in Comfort Texas

Pleasantly full, we were ready for some antiquing and headed to The 8th Street Market. If you only have time for one stop in Comfort, this is the one I would recommend! It's home to a great assortment of antique vendors and a charming artisan coffee shop and bakery, too. 

antiques in Comfort, Texas

There's plenty of industrial farmhouse eye candy...

antiquing in Comfort, Texas

...and Cecilia B. and I browsed every nook and cranny!

antiquing in Texas

Those corbels were calling my name! 

antiquing in Comfort, Texas

Isn't this a fun vignette?

antiquing in Comfort, Texas

I could think of lots of uses for this handy caddy--how about you? 

antiques in Comfort, Texas

At 8th Street, we found as many cool things in the outdoor sections as there were inside.

antiques in Comfort, Texas

I love this shed constructed from doors--and the deer are pretty darn cute, too!

antiques in Comfort, Texas

Cecilia B. found something special in the outdoor salvage area! I'll let her share more details with you. 

Antiques in Comfort, Texas

It was a very pleasant way to spend my birthday. {Cecilia B.'s birthday is Saturday!} We didn't have anyone to take our photo but were determined to get a picture together in front of the store mural--one way or another! I shared this on Instagram, and interestingly, Cecilia B came across this hashtag: #2ceciliasarebetterthanone. Naturally, we had to adopt it as our own! 

antiquing in Comfort, Texas

My Thrift Store Addiction

Antiques in Comfort, Texas

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  1. I love this! Meeting friends - blogging friends, especially - and sharing the things we have in common and love. I met Cecilia B a few years and you're right - #2ceciliasarebetterthanone! How sweet of Audrey to share her vintage treasures with you both. I'm sure your time spent with her is sustaining in these challenging days for her.
    Looking forward to seeing the loot!

  2. I know the fun of meeting up with a blogger! Donna of Distressed Donna Down Home met up with me in Columbia, SC while my sweetie was at a conference. We had lunch, too. We have such a fun time thrifting together. You should check out her blog. I'm the Rush she was referring to. Someday, I'll get my new blog up and running. I'm happy the three of you have a connection and enjoy each other's company.

  3. It looks like a lovely day, Cecilia. Meeting blogging friends in person is a real treat and you are so lucky to have had so many opportunities to do so.

  4. You are living the bloggers dream to be able to meet in person all the sweet people you meet in blogland. And, to go thrifting together has to be the highlight of it all. So happy for you to have found such great friends to have fun with.

  5. I love to follow along when the two Cecilia's get together for a day of thrifting and what a treat to go to Audrey's. I was happy to hear that Audrey's husband is doing better.

    1. Thank you for sharing your special day with Cecilia and Audrey at Snickerdoodle.

  6. What a lovely day with sweet blogging friends, Cecilia :) Happy Birthday!!

  7. Oo, I lived it all over again! I'm working on my post and should have it up tomorrow. I really enjoyed my visit! Thank you again for such a fabulous thrifting trip. #2CeciliasAreBetterThanOne!

  8. This is a sweet post Cecilia. So encouraging too. Looks like the place in Comfort is a must-see if I ever get that way.

  9. So much fun to have a day out and have lunch with you and Cecilia B. Would love to go to the 8th Street Market some day. I think I could not have passed up the horse and the corbels.
    Glad we all had a nice day.
    Audrey Z.


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