Thriftathon Part 2: Friday's Find #223

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today I'm sharing the rest of my fabulous finds from my thrifting adventures with Cecilia B. In addition to the Find's warehouse sale and shops in Comfort, we shopped five more local thrift stores. If you missed part one of my thriftathon treasures, you can see them here. Now for the rest of my finds...

thrifted vintage thermos

How fun is this plaid thermos and picnic tote? It includes the king size thermos, a sandwich box and an extra cup. The thermos is dated 1973, and though the tote originally included two, a picnic blanket or even a bottle of wine could be tucked inside. AVAILABLE

thrifted vintage thermos

This vintage sifter is one of my favorites from our thriftathon. It was only $1 at one of the local stops I often frequent. It's nice and large and has a lid--definitely a keeper! 

thrifted vintage flour sifter

Next, these plaid flannel covered buttons would look festive added to Christmas crafts. AVAILABLE

Flannel covered buttons

I love these charming vintage napkins and they're in perfect condition. AVAILABLE

vintage napkins

These monogrammed linen cocktail napkins were in a sealed, nondescript box and haven't been used. There is a set of four. AVAILABLE 

monogrammed vintage napkins

This set of eight vintage aluminum coasters show varying degrees of wear. Personally, I love the worn patina, but I'm sure they could be shined up if desired.  AVAILABLE

vintage aluminum coasters

Are you familiar with Hadley pottery? It was founded in 1940 by Mary Alice Hadley whose family had been clay tile makers. Each piece is hand painted and signed on the back {MA Hadley} I had a friend who collected it and her display was just lovely. I've never seen it anywhere else and certainly not in the thrift stores. I love the whimsical details. Look at this polka dot horse and lamb with a bell on its neck. These two are 6" bread plates. AVAILABLE

M A Hadley pottery

Wouldn't these would be darling hanging in a baby's room or set at the children's table for Thanksgiving? I learned that made to order Hadley stoneware dishes and gifts are still available online, if you'd like to check out their website.

M A Hadley pottery

Vintage Corelle that matches a Pyrex pattern like these Spring Blossom saucers, tends to be more popular. Currently I have a Pyrex large covered casserole, available here. I'm also selling these as a pair. AVAILABLE

Spring Blossom Corelle

I often buy souvenir plates, as they have been good sellers in my Etsy shop, but this next find brings back a flood of good memories. I was born and grew up in Houston. Our family went to Astroworld amusement park every year for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I  used my hard earned cash to buy season passes each summer and it was the place to hang out with friends. Interestingly, I bought this before the Astros won the World Series and to be honest, the connection hadn't even occurred to me. However, since the amusement park was named after the team, I can't help but wonder if any related memorabilia will be sought after. The park opened in 1968 and closed in 2005. AVAILABLE

vintage collectible souvenir plate

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vintage thermos tote

collectible M A Hadley pottery

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. I have never seen a sifter like that! Now I'm on the look out for one!

  2. I love the M.A. Hadley pottery. I will definitely keep my eyes out for these.

  3. I LOVE that retro picnic tote! When I was a kid my dad worked an engineering job in Houston for an extended period of time. My mom, 4 siblings and I spent the summer of 1973 living in Houston so we could be near him. He LOVED the Astros and we frequented Astro games at the Astrodome. We'd go to Galveston on the (HOT) weekends! I have great memories of that summer! xoKathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  4. Love all your finds. The Hadley plates are adorable!

  5. I saw lots of plaid thermoses and baskets in Canton but nothing beat the price of your find! Your thrift stores rock! I'm so glad I get to come visit. ;)

  6. love the black and white and the plaid. Lucky finds!

  7. The hand-painted plates are adorable!

  8. You know I love that Thermos Tote. Wonderful finds.


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