Rae Dunn Cookie Jar: Friday's Find #246

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! I have to say finding a Rae Dunn cookie jar at one of the thrift stores I frequent weekly, came as a surprise. To be honest, because my Instagram feed is daily bombarded with collections from the popular designer, I have not been one to jump on the RD bandwagon. However, I do love scoring the unexpected during my thrifting jaunts... 

thrift store finds of the week

Doesn't it look great filled with flowers? No offense if you collect Rae Dunn, because there are probably Instagram followers who cringe at my frequent jadeite posts! To each his own--right? Next, this spring garland was a timely find as I continue to refresh my master bedroom

vintage thrift store finds of the week

This fun rug is an uncommon find for me. Normally when I see rugs while thrifting, they are usually either bath mats or larger area rugs that aren't always in the best condition. This one doesn't have any stains and the white backing is spotless. I've actually been looking for a small rug to place at my back door. Stay tuned--I have an idea to brighten it up a bit!

thrifted bike rug

Previously, I've sold several wallpaper borders and this features such a pretty cottage garden design. AVAILABLE HERE!

thrift store finds of the week

Last but not least, a fun needlepoint pillow. Did you ever recite the Daisy Oracle verse while pulling flower petals? Fun fact: its origin is a French game called effeuiller la marguerite. AVAILABLE HERE!  

vintage needlepoint pillow

My Thrift Store Addiction

Rae Dunn cookie jar

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. I love the cookie jar although I have not joined in on the Rae Dunn craze either! I just don't have room for more mugs and collectibles! That pillow just speaks to me....it is too sweet.

  2. I didn't even know who Rae Dunn was until my BFF's daughter recently mentioned the Rae Dunn craze to me. I love that pillow too.

  3. I don't have any Rae Dunn pieces but I think they have been popular long enough to start showing up at the thrifts so I've kept my eyes open. I do like the cookie jar with flowers.

  4. I have received a few Rae Dunn mugs and I have to say they are my favorites. There is a great weight to them and their irregular shapes are fun to drink from...however I don't think I would purchase any on my won. But that cookie jar is adorable and at a thrift store? Lucky girl!

  5. Great finds! Loved all of them I was itching to pinch that garland into a heart! I was sure that wallpaper border was going to show up as a project; recovered wastebasket for the bathroom, framed pictures? See how well you've got me thinking outside the box now!

  6. Awe that little rug is adorable
    Very spring/summer will look great at the back door.

    I too take things and use them or upcycle them leaving some people gasping I'm sure
    Ive been told more the once by people including my carpenter dad and friend that you DO NOT PAINT WOOD, stain only lol and I've always replied back painting wood is my happy place. As long as you like how you use your pieces its all that matters

  7. Great find Cecilia. I found three of RD pieces at a Thrift too. Really surprised since it is such a craze now. I am just very happy to settle for my ironstone collection. That cookie jar looks very pretty with the yellow flowers.

  8. Fun finds. Okay, so I must not know the RD craze. I must see the knockoffs at HomeGoods. Happy Weekend! Cecilia, laura in denver

  9. Ok I learned something today , never knew of Rae Dunn, now I will probably run across a couple maybe

  10. Cecelia, I haven't jumped on the RD bandwagon either, though I do like the pieces. I've given some as gifts. Love the daisy pillow. I clicked right over to purchase, but it is sold. It's adorable!

  11. I fell for Rae Dunn last year and I must say I'm addicted to it:-) I just can't resist any new piece to add to my collection. Love your cookie jar and with flowers it looks even better:-)


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