Repurpose Stained Tablecloth as Flatware Pockets!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today's feature is a yard sale find recreated.  Do you hold onto vintage tablecloths that are stained or damaged but are still too pretty to toss? Or maybe like me, you come across one at a bargain price thinking, " I'll find something to do with it..." 

Repurposed flatware pockets

Well here's an idea--flatware pockets! I shared these in my recent spring pastels tablescape, in case you missed it. 

Repurposed flatware pocket

I use my sweet burlap pockets from Etsy so often that I was inspired to create my own. I always thought a vintage tablecloth would be the perfect fabric...

Burlap and lace flatware pocket

Even though it was stained, this yard sale find was such a steal I couldn't pass on it.  When I decided to use pastels for my tablescape, it was on hand waiting to be repurposed. 

Repurposed vintage tablecloth flatware pockets

I started by ironing and then it was ready to cut.  I cut mine 11.5" x 14" for a finished size of 5.25" x 9.5". This allowed room for turning under unfinished edges, but I tried to use the finished edges of the cloth when possible. 

Repurposed vintage tablecloth flatware pockets

Fold the fabric lengthwise to achieve desired width of pocket, pressing under any unfinished edges and press. Then fold up the bottom edge to form the pocket and press again. I played around with this for awhile, even using my flatware as a guide.  Below, the pocket view is on the right. Finally, stitch folded edges in place, leaving pocket open. 

Repurposed tablecloth flatware pocket

Now you're ready to set the table--enjoy! 

Repurposed tablecloth flatware pockets

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  1. Really cute idea and they are perfect with your dishes.
    Hope you enjoyed this beautiful day by shopping the estate sales.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. Awesome idea my friend. Have a great day! Hugs, Jo

  3. I do have many pretty vintage tablecloths that are stained! What a great way to repurpose them....and easy! Thank you for such a great idea.

  4. What a wonderful idea. When we moved last summer it turned out four good-sized boxes of vintage linens came along, so I have plenty of material to be a big old copy cat with!

  5. Hey I have stained tablecloths! Lol, this is just the post for me. I love your burlap silverware holder!

  6. I love this sweet repurpose Cecilia! great repurpose of an unwanted item.

    catching you!

  7. These are so cute! I like something different like this, it gets old seeing curtains made from tablecloths. :o]


  8. It's really sweet, and I love your vintage china. xoxo

  9. This is a perfect way to reuse something that's just too pretty to throw out. Great job! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. Yes I buy that stained linen too, and I do exactly that, thinking I'll find something to do with it. This is a great idea! Right now I'm using a piece of stained linen as a table topper because I just love the color. It's stained & has holes, but I just love it anyway.


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