Creating Christmas: Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas!

Happy Wednesday Friends! I am so excited to be participating in the Creating Christmas link party and what a perfect way to continue our Countdown to Christmas Eve! Yesterday, Alice shared her gorgeous Rustic Christmas. You won't want to miss it--be sure to link up! Today I am sharing my thrifty Christmas inspiration to help you spend less. Then you'll have the opportunity to share your own thrifty posts--are you ready?

Thrifty Little Christmas Home Tour
I'm a big believer in starting with what you have! It may not seem as fun as going shopping to pick out something new but this practice not only saves money, it really does increase creativity! Take a fresh look at the things you've kept over the years. What's hiding in storage that's just waiting to tell your story?  When my mother was a little girl, every Christmas she gave my grandmother a new figure for this nativity and eventually, she gave the set to me. My kids grew up with it displayed on our mantel every year and now my grandson exclaims, "Show me Jesus!" when we chat on Facetime.  It's never too early or too late to start a family tradition...

Vintage family heirloom nativity

My  faux fireplace was a clearance find from a home improvement store.  Here's a view of the whole mantel...

Faux fireplace and mantel

Above it hangs one of my favorite thrifted upcycles.  She is adorned with festive garland and my DIY ornament wreath for the holidays! Joyeux Noel! 

Christmas mantel

Sunday, I'll be sharing how to make this fun wreath! 

DIY vintage ornament wreath

In the corner is my small armoire.  I've had it for ages and it's been recreated a few times--but this driftwood color suits it best.  I updated my garland last year--gotta love this glittery pine cone version for $8 from Big Lots! 

Armoire decked out in white, metallics and turquoise

Sometimes thrifting requires perseverance! Such was the case with my cherished Vintage sofa Rosie. I had all but given up on finding the sofa in my mind's eye, also in my price range. Then just a few months ago, she appeared in my favorite thrift store! 

Christmas display behind vintage sofa

A closer look at the sofa table: this sparkly trio of trees were last season's Christmas clearance, as was the cloched  house.  

Christmas vignettes

I adore Vintage ornaments and because I shop thrift stores for them year round, I usually pay .25 a box.  Recently I found a box at a yard sale for .10! This whimsical deer was also a thrifted find--isn't he sweet?

Mercury glass bowl of vintage ornaments

More ornament eye candy...

Vintage ornaments

Now for the tree! These faux mercury glass globe lights were in Target's garden clearance at the end of summer.  I knew they would complement my Secret Garden inspired tree.  Can you believe I saw the same lights on a tree in a specialty store for five times what I paid?!

Secret Garden Christmas tree
Elegance and whimsy are two of my favorite things--how fun is mixing Vintage silver with jingle bells and a bottle brush tree laden VW Bug? For thrifty outdoor whimsy look here...

Vintage silver and Christmas whimsy

This really is my favorite time of year!

Living room Christmas decor

Remember my craft show vanity mirror?  The j-o-y letters were another after Christmas find, I just replaced the o with this cute little wreath and hung them with ribbon. The angel--you guessed it--thrift store :) In the reflection you can see my...

Vintage vanity mirror

 dining room! See more on my blessing tree and tablescape here. 

Winter Whimsy tablescape

I'm so glad you stopped to visit today, hope you...

Thrifty Little Christmas home tour

Remember to visit Jann's Vintage Christmas party tomorrow and that you can link up through December 19! Now it's your turn to link up your thrifty Christmas posts....   

creating christmas link party!

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  1. So beautiful! I am all about a thrifty Christmas. From thrift stores to mark downs after Christmas I don't spend lots of $$ for my decor, but I love it and it's all so me!!

  2. Fabulous Cecilia, as I knew it would be! Loving the little deer in the mercury glass! I have that same bowl and also have the mercury tree with the aqua base. Us thrifters love a lot of the same things. Your tiered tray with the ornies is gorgeous! I did something similar last year and loved it, but you know; we always have to mix it up a little. Love the whimsy and elegance! Thanks again for joining! It's been such a fun group!!

  3. I just love your living room. I love it even more with all the Christmas decor!

  4. Cecilia,
    Visiting you from Jann's place and I love your thrift store finds, and I also love the time and thoughtfulness that you put into your search. Your decorating is lovely, so personal, so meaningful and precious. Gotta love the VW bug.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I love second hand shops too. Your tree is beautifully decorated! I love the turquoise wall in the background too. So festive. xoxo

  6. you have inspired me.. thanks!


  7. I just love all of your vintage ornaments, Cecilia. And that teal paint color is great!

  8. It all looks so beautiful Cecilia ... love using thrifted stuff and you really know how to put it all together for interesting displays. Too hard to pick a favorite, but love the story of the nativity.
    Nice to see you today. The links to the other bloggers seem to be working smoothly.
    Audrey Z.

  9. I loved seeing your beautifully decorated home. I particularly like your displays of vintage bulbs. I have some similar displays, but the bulbs are not vintage. There is something so special about the colors and designs of the vintage bulbs.

  10. so much here to love! i just love the blue wall, the chippy cabinet and sofa in the living room! and the blue cabinet really pops next to the white frames in the dining room :)

  11. Oh everything is so beautiful! Love your little deer. And love that it was all thrifted!someday I want to tag along with you as you shop!

  12. What a fun party! I'm getting so many great ideas for decorating! Happy holidays, Diane

  13. You have some great finds...that couch looks brand new!

  14. What would we do for entertainment with out thrift stores? and what would we do for our home decorating items? LOL
    Thanks for inviting me over to view all your treasures

  15. Your home is so beautiful and unique. Love it. XX Jo

  16. Since going 100% vintage this year for my decorations, I have done just what you did.....recycle, upcycle and buy inexpensive vintage items to complete the look. Yours is gorgeous! LOVE the color of your room too!

  17. Great thrift Christmas decorations. Love the Shiny Brite ornaments.

  18. So festive and lovely! Love all of your thrifty treasures and creative ideas!

  19. Oooh... tons of fun and I adore vintage ornaments too... I can't seem to find them for great prices like you do (a box! WOW!)
    I'll be sure to link up this weekend!

  20. Hi Cecilia,

    So lovely to meet you! You certainly have created Christmas in your home, with warmth, cheer, and charm! The unexpected teal blue on your walls is an effervescent elegance, especially with all the cream coloured accessories, like the pretty pitchers on the armoire. Your arrangement of those beautiful ornaments is sweet whimsy and your Christmas tree, a trimmed treat for the eyes!

    Happy Christmas!


  21. Thank you for hosting. Great job with the color choices in your room. Love the grey and the teal. Love that you gave us great detail photos !!!! Angels to you!

  22. I love all your thrifted goodness Cecilia! Everything looks so great. Thrifting for Christmas goodies is my absolute favourite thrifting thing to do. Thanks for the invite to the party. I'll be back with another link up of some Christmas thrifted stuff. I just need to get that post written.

  23. So many beautiful things to see here Cecilia!!! I love your Christmas decorating. I'd much rather have thrifted "loved" things over new things any day! I love the Amen on the trays... I just might have to copy that!

  24. Wow! So many pinnables all in one post! Just lovely. Great decorating tips too :) So glad that you joined us at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  25. How exciting to finally find the sofa you have dreamed about. I'm so thrifty this year I went away for Christmas!

  26. I love all the thrifty, vintage and love in your home. I also have so many treasures from thrifting from the past. I so need to post my Xmas D├ęcor!

  27. Your decorations are so beautiful, Cecilia! I love your unexpected, yet perfect, little touches, like the star gazer lilies on the tree. Thanks for letting me know about the party :)

  28. Beautiful, thrifty Christmas decor! I will be featuring your post in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  29. love your blog always look for things for holidays from my local thrift store and even save on my craft supplies aren't thrift stores wonderful

  30. How beautiful! I am all about a thrifty life... you can create so much beauty on a little budget :-)


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