Friday's Find: Christmas Clearance Placemat Pillow

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends--the last one of the year! It's Christmas clearance time and I have an easy, thrifty project to share. You will need two placemats and I bet you can find them at least 50% off, like I did at Target...

DIY clearance placemat pillow
I was determined to use a shimmery silver napkin I had from Christmas clearance past so this is what is pictured in my photo.  Using two placemats is easier as they will match up without extra fabric to deal with at the end. I placed the two pieces together and pinned them. 

DIY clearance placemat pillos

I stitched them together around the very outer edge, leaving the bottom edge open for the pillow form. 

DIY placemat pillow

Next, I stitched around the silver design edge, again leaving the bottom edge open.

DIY placemat pillow tutorial

Before inserting the pillow form, I trimmed the extra fabric from the napkin, turned under a hem and pressed.  If you use two placemats, you won't need this step, go ahead and add your pillow form.  I had a  12" x 16" pillow on hand.  Be sure to keep an eye out for these at thrift stores, especially if you're like me and hate to "stuff" ;) Once your pillow is inserted stitch the openings, first at the design edge closest to the pillow and then at the outer edge.  It will look something like this...

DIY placemat pillow tutorial

Now just find a home for your pretty new pillow!

DIY placemat pillow tutorial

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. What a great and so much of the work is already done for you. Love it!

  2. Cute pillow Cecilia and looks so pretty on your chair.

  3. Beautiful--you'd never know it was a place mat!

  4. Simply lovely! And it certainly looks perfect on your chair :) Happy weekend!

  5. Love your pillow Cecilia! I have seen this done out of placemats but haven't tried it yet. I have so darn many pillows. lol! You might say I have somewhat of a fetish. Wishing you a happy New Year!

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  7. I love placemat pillows, too! I have a few waiting to stuff now...: )

  8. What an awesome idea! I will have to find a few placemats. Thanks for sharing and linking up to Scraptastic Saturdays.


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