Grinch Party Revisited!

Greetings Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! This is my first Christmas season since Ginger Grand moved to Colorado.  Reminisce with me today as we revisit the Grinch party we celebrated last year.  It was a simple garden party for just the two of us but such a sweet time...

Grinch party crafts and recipes

Since GG was obsessed with the Grinch and loved anything "in the darden", I thought it would be fun to combine the two.  I had the table all set when I picked him up from daycare and brought him back to spend the night...

Festive Grinch party

He was delighted and immediately put on his Christmas tree--very Dr. Seuss-ish :) 

Grinch party

He was quite taken with the ornament I made for him...

Handmade Grinch Christmas ornament

....and our Grinch fruit kabobs.  These were so easy--grapes, sliced bananas, strawberries & mini marshmallows on a toothpick! Kids of all ages enjoy them! 

Grinch fruit kabobs

Every Grinch party needs Grinch punch--lime sherbet and gingerale.  GG finished most of his before I got my photo! 

Grinch punch

My favorite part of The Grinch--I keep this quote from the Dr. Seuss book on my kitchen chalkboard during the season:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Hope you found some inspiration for the little ones in your life! Remember our party is beginning tomorrow and lasts all week! I'll be sharing my thoughts for a Thrifty Christmas on Wednesday--see you then! 

Please join us!

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  1. What cute ideas! I bet my kids would love a Grinch Christmas party!

  2. How sweet ... a special party for a special little boy. He is really cute. Love the Grinch fruit kabobs.

  3. Oh my goodness! What a cute party idea! And your GG is adorable!

  4. I love this! Such a great idea. I love the fruit kabobs and your ornament. My hubby is the Grinch fan in our house. Maybe I'll make him some treats.

  5. Looks like a great day! Love the Christmas Ball Grinch head. Thanks so mcuh for sharing at the Make it Monday party.

  6. What a fun party for such a cutie!! I'm in love with the Grinch kabobs -- they may just find their way to the Christmas table! GG's Christmas tree hat and Grinch ornament are so cute! I'm glad you revisited this party -- too fun!

  7. What a cute cute party! Yes! the kids make is so much fun.

  8. So cute! Nothing better than a Grinch party. Thank you for sharing at Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  9. What a cool party it is. I really wish one day I am able to organize parties of this kind. You have put up a lot of efforts. My sister asked me to assist in one of corporate events she has to organize and I really to hope new things there.


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