Hearts and Flowers: Friday's Find #325

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Are you ready for this week's fabulous finds? I must have Valentine's Day on my mind, because it has been a week of hearts and flowers! First, I found this pretty blue crocheted heart...

crocheted heart doily

It has been treated with a fabric stiffener to retain its shape and is AVAILABLE HERE! These lovely faux roses also caught my eye. 

floral thrift store finds

The last two finds are from the clearance section at our new Hobby Lobby! This charming wood floral wreath had a tiny crack that just needed a dab of glue. 

floral decor

These sweet napkins were marked down 90% and I use florals year-round. 

floral napkins

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Pretty, Cecilia! Love the napkins. You'll get a lot of use from those. Happy weekend!

  2. Love your treasures. That heart isn't quite the turquoise you use a lot, is it? It would be pretty inside one of your frames. With the napkins, you had me at pink roses! When we use NICE paper napkins around here, we usually get several meals worth of use out of them! And then, I'm liable to wipe up a spill with them! Also, they would make great decopage projects; I gave a friend a thrifted bag of wooden eggs for Christmas as she decoupages napkins onto them! Gorgeous!

  3. That blue heart is outstanding...it matches your pretty blue eyes! What a fun find!


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