Christmas Clearance: Friday's Find #320

Thank God it's thrifty Friday--the first of 2020! Do you enjoy shopping holiday clearance sales? I found a few clearance finds after Christmas and even more on New Year's Day... 

Christmas clearance

First, I scored a trio of VW bug ornaments from Big Lots. Over the holidays, I was just telling my mother that it seems like the tree laden red pick-up truck is everywhere, but I couldn't resist these cute gift boxes from Dollar General. At 70% off, they ranged from .30-$1.50!  

Christmas clearance

More .30 goodies from Dollar General...

Christmas clearance a mason jar candle with buffalo check ribbon trim for $1.20 and 

Christmas clearance

...a .60 snowman tin!

Christmas clearnace

Those of you who live near an Ikea will probably recognize these cute candy cane tins. Darling Daughter-in-Law, who is from Spain, had never been to Ikea, so Favorite Son stopped on our way out of Houston.

Christmas clearance

I usually keep an eye out for Christmas clearance that can be used as Valentine decor, but I was surprised to find this heart-shaped lamp already marked down with the holiday merchandise! 

Christmas clearance

Until next time, happy hunting!
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  1. I love your treasures; I use "cooky" tins for family gifts (so I get to keep them) and yours look like they will nest and take little space! Can't wait to see how you put your other treasures to work next season! God puts me in the right place sometimes. I hit Pier 1 yesterday just after staff had marked Christmas 90% off. Greenery, candles, ornaments, ribbon, and best of all 2 snowman pillows($34.99!) for 2 of my snowman loving friends next year! I had lost my wallet last year and P1 card so by getting another card, I saved another 15%. I tell people clearance shopping is my super-power!


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