Upcycled Yard Sale Bird Feeder

Happy Monday, Friends! Can you believe there's just a little over a week left in July? The year seems to be flying by! Today I have a quick yard sale upcycle to share with you...

Upcycled yard sale bird feeder

Last week, Ginger Grand and I went to a nearby yard sale and I picked up this rusted tray style bird feeder for .25. 

Upcycled yard sale bird feeder

I used a wire brush to clean up some of the flaky spots and contemplated how to repair the hole so I could use it as a bird feeder.  After giving it a coat of white spray paint, an idea came to me, and I decided to use one of my thrifted plates, which would hold the bird seed and cover the hole. 

Upcycled yard sale bird feeder

My Thrift Store Addiction

Upcycled yard sale bird feeder

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  1. Very nice Cecilia ... the birds should love it; but if not, it is pretty in your garden.

  2. Cecelia,
    I love what you did with this sweet bird feeder!! what great idea to use a pretty dish!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  3. Cecilia,
    What a great idea to use a plate to cover the hole....pretty and practical. I am sure you grandchild enjoyed helping you!


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