Vintage Moon Deco Pyrex: Friday's Find #221

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Every once in awhile, I happen to come across a vintage find that I've never seen before. I consider myself pretty familiar with vintage Pyrex patterns, but this Moon Deco covered casserole, was a new one for me!

Moon Deco Pyrex

When I found it at a yard sale--yep, a yard sale!--it was the kind of dirty that comes from sitting unwrapped in a garage or storage. However, I was intrigued by the pattern and couldn't find any chips or flaws. Once I gave it a good cleaning, I was amazed by the sheer whiteness of the inside and bottom, often how unused pieces look. I was even more amazed when I saw how much it's going for on Etsy! Comparable covered casseroles in this pattern are going for $100-$125! Funny, the mod design looks more like an eye than a moon, to me! Available  

Moon Deco Pyrex

This covered casserole in the Spring Blossom pattern came from the same sale and is also in excellent condition. It's a popular pattern among collectors. Available

vintage Pyrex

This vintage Tupperware Crisp-It bowl is a blast from the past! Available

vintage Tupperware Crisp-It

With the popularity of embroidery hoop crafts, I was thrilled to find these extra large 18" hoops for $1 each! 

large embroidery hoops

I rarely pass on basket storage--love the lid on this one! 

thrift store basket

My Thrift Store Addiction

vintage Moon Deco Pyrex

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. All great finds, but i am blown away by the Moon Deco Pyrex. I have never seen that pattern before. Amazing. That said, it would take the right decor to showcase that piece. Not my blue, white and gold color scheme certainly ;-)

  2. The Pyrex bowl is truly unique! It does look like a big eye, lol. Spring Blossom is the pattern I've started collecting because green! (As much as I adore red, green is also if not more my favorite color). :)
    My mom had one of those Tupperware crispers...definitely a blast from the past!
    Great finds, Cecilia!

  3. I collect Pyrex so I am blown away by your finds today! Just awesome!

  4. I've never seen that Pyrex Moon design, how cool is that!

  5. I have seen that pattern on blogs but I agree it looks like an eye to me! You found some really good things! Hugs!

  6. Love the Moon Deco pyrex. Never seen or heard of that! Great find!!

  7. Great finds Cecilia. Congratulations on finding the rare Moon Deco Pyrex bowl. It is beautiful. Can't believe you are not keeping it.

  8. Never seen that Pyrex! Looks like a black olive with a pimento! Can't wait to see how you use the embroidery frames. Frame a large doily, a damaged silk scarf? That basket will be great in a vignette!

  9. I've never seen the Moon Deco Pyrex. It is quite unique. The storage basket is wonderful.

    1. Saw what you did with the storage basket. Very nice. Thanks for sharing your finds at Snickerdoodle.

  10. Great scores! I haven't seen or heard of the moon pyrex either!

  11. Love that cool casserole dish and the basket! Great finds!
    xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  12. I have never seen that pattern before either...fabulous find!


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