Friday's Find #219

TGITF Friends! We've finally had some weather that feels like fall and I have loved it! Ready for this week's fabulous finds? Several of this week's vintage treasures are from the same estate sale, starting with this gorgeous vintage crystal bead necklace... 

thrifted vintage necklace

It's a keeper--I  love the sparkle and all of the iridescent colors of the faceted beads. 

faceted vintage crystal beads

Next, I found this lovely French mini candlestick, marked as opal glass. Did you know in the Victorian era, milk glass was first called opal glass?

French vintage opal glass candlestick

Here, you can see the Made in France seal on the bottom.

French opal glass/milk glass candlestick

From the same estate sale, I dug through a big box of linens to find this lovely assortment of tea stained vintage doilies. 

estate sale vintage doilies

This English transferware sugar bowl in the Hampshire pattern by Johnson Brothers, is almost identical to another in my collection. Stay tuned--I have plans for the pair! 

vintage transferware sugar bowl

My last find, this pair of vintage Pyrex bowls is from one of my favorite thrift stores. I haven't come across as much Pyrex as I once did and the price was right for these. Both are the 1.5 pint size and are in excellent condition. 

vintage Pyrex

The brown handled one is the 441 bowl... Available

vintage Pyrex bowl 441

...and the blue is the popular 401 bowl.  Available

vintage Pyrex 401 bowl

My Thrift Store Addiction

vintage Pyrex available at

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Great finds for the week. I remember the bowls from childhood.

  2. Sorry about the didn't come out right! What I meant to say is the necklace is gorgeous! It will look lovely on you with your hair color.

  3. I can't believe it's Friday already. Those are great finds. Especially like the necklace and sugar bowl! What will you do with them? :) Looking forward to visiting soon!

  4. Great finds!! I have a faceted crystal bead necklace similar to your find, it was my grandmothers!

  5. You hit it big!! I LOVE that necklace as I'm a vintage jewelry lover! Those doilies are gorgeous and that vase is beautiful. I think that's my favorite - didn't know about it being called opal glass. It looks a little different than milk glass though but maybe it's the picture. Either way - great find and with the label still there too!!

  6. That necklace is definitely a keeper. It is so pretty. All of you finds are wonderful.

    1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds at Snickerdoodle.

  7. Love all your finds. That necklace is gorgeous and I always love vintage milk glass!

  8. Love popping in for your Friday finds. Inspires me for weekend thrifting.

  9. Cecelia,
    Great finds!! The beads are lovely!! I have similar ones that were Joe's grand mothers. The milk glass is stunning!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and visit!! It is always appreciated!!

  10. Love the linens and the Johnson Bros bowl!

  11. I have my mom's aurora borealis necklace; it was her go to for dress up! Will you try to whiten the doilies, tea dye them all or leave as is? I love the early milk glass with its "skim milk edges." Opal glass is a much more elegant name for it; I bet that's going into your collection!?! Can't wait to see what you do with the sugar bowls.

  12. Pyrex bowls seem to be so expensive around here.

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  14. Hi Cecilia ... you know how to find the most interesting things. I am not a lover of milk glass, but I do love that little opal glass candlestick. I like the Pyrex mixing bowls with the side handles too.
    Good finds.
    Audrey Z.

  15. Pyrex is nonexistent around here. Love the necklace and bowl. Xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home


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