Friday's Find #178

TGITF Friends! Do you typically go thrifting during the week between Christmas and New Year's? I made a few stops and scored some great Christmas clearance. I found this sweet vintage hankie for .50! I've sold several Christmas hankies in the past, but this one is a keeper. I am smitten with the tiny delicate details. 

vintage Christmas hankie

Next, a handcrafted paper mache snowman, featuring the artisan's signature on the bottom. From his ear muffs to his plaid scarf and rosy cheeks, he is full of whimsical charm. Available

paper mache snowman

Another snowman--isn't this vintage Avon snowman adorable? He's a salt and pepper shaker set in disguise. The pepper shaker head rests on the salt shaker body. I can see little ones finding the removable head quite amusing.  Available

Vintage Avon snowman salt and pepper set

I'll probably use this lacy doily and clothes pin angel ornament as Valentine's Day decor.

doily clothes pin angel

Jasco porcelain features charming details and sweet faces. This hand painted candle holder is from the Christmas Luvkins series and has the original gold seal and engraved dated bottom. It also makes a nice bud vase. Available

Jasco Christmas Luvkins figurine

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Absolutely love to go thrifting this week! Next week after everyone has donated for their end-of-year tax deduction, and the store has had time to put out the new additions is good too!

  2. Adore your hankie. All of your finds are sweet.

  3. As a matter of fact I do go thrifting between the two holidays. I went yesterday and found several things to share next week. Love the sweet hankie and I would keep it too.

  4. Adorable finds! I am trying to resist buying anymore Christmas but I am failing when I see them on clearance. I found a wooden poinsettia lazy susan. Not sure if it is a keeper or not but I have a year to decide!

  5. That hankie caught my eye on Facebook!! So sweet. Definitely a keeper!

  6. Cecilia ... just love what you have found, especially the paper mache Snowman. So great that you had time to go thrifting when prices have been reduced.
    Happy New Year.

  7. I made one thrifting stop today, but didn't get lucky like you did. Trying again tomorrow. Love all your little pretties, especially the snowman S&P.
    Happy New Year wishes!

  8. Great finds! Love that Jasco candle holder. So sweet. I just sold some of their figural bell ornaments. The detailing is always so nice on them.

  9. The hankie is very detailed and oh so cute! I made a stop a few days ago and found some really nice dish towels for the kitchen and a few other goodies too :)

  10. Cecilia

    Hankies I love, yours is so beautiful.


  11. You found fabulous stuff! Loving that paper mache snowman! I have not went to a thrift between holidays because I am helping to clean out a friends Aunt estate. I am getting my vintage fix there. I have ran across so many fabulous things! Just wondering? Is the snowman still available? I'm tempted. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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