Friday's Find #176

TGITF Friends! Wow, is it just me or is December flying by? One of my local thrift stores already had their Christmas items marked down and I scored these lovely vintage teacups--definite keepers! 

Vintage Christmas teacups

Another keeper--this sassy little snow lady pillow. She's right at home in my guest bedroom.

Snow lady pillow

This handmade snowman is a cutie and all decked out in chenille. He would make a great door draft blocker too! Available

vintage snowman door draft blocker

This vintage Disney pillowcase is in excellent condition and would make a fun gift. Available

vintage Disney pillowcase

Little ones love Thomas the Train! This 1992 pillowcase features Thomas on one side and Terrence on the other.  Available

Vintage Thomas the Train

This navy velvet trimmed needlepoint pillow is perfect for your favorite shopaholic!  Available

Gone Shopping needlepoint pillow

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. great finds Cecilia ... love the sassy snow lady pillow. I know you will enjoy those cups.
    Hugs and Merry Christmas.
    Audrey Z

  2. Love the Christmas cups and would have picked them up also.
    I can't believe, yes I can how fast this month is going by.
    next year I am going to start Christmas in September LOL

    Merry Christmas


  3. Oh the teacups are wonderful, Cecelia! It's hard to find vintage holly pieces!

  4. Gosh Cecilia, you always find the best stuff! Those teacups are so pretty :)

  5. Those cups are just darling Cecilia!

    You're right, December is flying by, but every month seems to these days :). What's up with that?


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