Ready for Spring: Garden Clean Up!

Happy Wednesday, Friends! Are you ready for spring? I know I am! Today is all about "spring cleaning" for the garden...

Spring garden clean up

We've had a little more precipitation than usual this winter.  That's a good thing but unfortunately it also means more weeds. I don't use any chemicals in my garden and this handy tool makes the job so much easier--definitely worth the $30.  I got it at Lowe's several years ago. It's made by Fiskar and works just as well now, as it did new.  Simply push it into the ground and pull back...

Fiskar weed puller

It gets the whole root--no bending or squatting required!  I filled a large garbage bag. Here's just a portion.  Bye-bye weeds! 

Organic weeding

Now for some actual cleaning! I have several patio tables that I cover with oil cloth.  It is the absolute best thing I have found for our hot Texas summers.  It is durable and resists fading but of course gets filthy during the winter months.  I sprayed it with vinegar water and scrubbed until it was nice and clean.  Then I added some cheerful violas.  Our weather has really been teasing us--Saturday it was 80 degrees and by Monday we had freezing rain! On those bright warm days, I can't wait to plant flowers but I am cautious to only plant what is hardy enough for a frost. 

Oil cloth for outdoor tables

Last is the dreaded chore that took the longest--trimming. Not my favorite because it does require bending over and squatting! Some herbs, like oregano, mint and thyme get scraggly and require trimming the woody stems, which also encourages new growth.  I try to get a head start on this in the fall months but our sporadic hot-to-cold-to-hot-again winters seem to perpetuate the need for pre-spring trimming.  After several days in the garden and epsom salt baths, I am happy to be finished! 

Trim and prune before spring

How do you prepare for spring?

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  1. Hi Cecilia, I have actually weeded my beds and dug around my roses. I want to prune them but I want to wait until the freeze is gone for sure. They are have beautiful buds on them. But I can't wait to get out and start walking and pushing the baby in the stroller. Spring is so nice, not to hot and yet not to cold. I hope we have a long one. I very much dislike long hot summers. Jo

  2. I got our backyard done a couple of weekends ago, now is time to tackle the front. I don't like the trimming either but it must be done! I actually have a few things blooming from our seesaw weather. Ready for it to be warm for real. Can you believe I saw a few Bluebonnets?

  3. Yard cleaning in the Spring is not the most fun thing. We, (Mr.Z.) did a lot of cutting back of dead plants ... raking leaves out of the planter bed and away from fences is our biggest chore. We get them out in the lawn and mulch them with the mower. Not finished yet, but waiting on another stretch of warm weather. You have your yard looking great and love the colorful table covers.
    Enjoy your week-end.
    Audrey Z.

  4. It's coming together at your place, isn't it?! My least favorite thing about spring is my allergies! Thanks so much for coming and linking up with us over at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again next week! Feel free to bring a friend! :)

  5. I need that weed thing! I have many. Your weather sounds like ours. It's freezing rain here today and 70 degrees expected this week. Maybe I'll get out and weed my garden. Maybe....


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