Rosemary & Honey Roasted Persimmons

Happy Wednesday, Friends! Have you ever tasted a persimmon? I had not, until recently when a friend gave me several.  With a little research, I learned that they are often used in jam and chutney, but I was intrigued by the prospect of roasted persimmons...

Rosemary and honey roasted persimmons

Did you know that persimmons are quite nutritious and full of antioxidants? Now is a good time to try them as they are in season through February.  I sliced them, drizzled them with honey and sprinkled them with dried rosemary and cinnamon. 

Rosemary and honey roasted persimmons

Then I roasted them in the oven until they were lightly browned. 

Rosemary and honey roasted persimmons

Yum--I do like  green eggs and ham  persimmons!  The cinnamon and honey enhanced the natural sweetness of of the fruit while the rosemary added just a hint of savory.  Have you tried any new foods lately?

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  1. That looks so good Cecilia. I have never eaten persimmons, but might like to try them. As kids, we used to pick the wild black ones, chew them up and spit out the juice and pretend we were chewing tobacco. How GROSS !!! I read where they are very sour if not ripe ... so the ones we chewed must have been ripe.

  2. There was a giant persimmon tree in our yard when I was a teen. They may be tasty but you don't wanna KNOW what they do can to your car if you park under one!

  3. They look delicious Cecilia! I have never had a persimmon. Now I will look for them in the produce section. Love trying new things! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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