How I Sanitize Secondhand Footwear: Fabulous Find 406

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! If you've ever had second thoughts about buying thrifted shoes, this post is for you! Today I'm sharing some yard sale garden boots that I scored for  $2 plus how I sanitize any footwear that I buy secondhand

how to sanitize thrift store shoes

Believe it or not, I have often had better luck buying shoes secondhand than new, including brands like Converse, Tom's, Earth, and Lucky Brand. Even so, I can understand having reservations about secondhand footwear which is why I'm sharing a few tips to put your mind at ease. First, I want to show you the colorful insulated tumblers I scored at another yard sale. They don't appear to have been used and they were fifty cents each! Now let's freshen up some footwear! 

how to sanitize thrifted shoes

Start with sunlight! If at all possible, give your shoes 30-60 minutes of sunlight which is a natural disinfectant. (I've done this with all the thrifted shoes I've bought regardless of the material.) 

how to sanitize thrifted shoes

Next, for garden boots and some tennis shoes use a magic erase sponge to remove dirt or residue from the surface. Then, spray inside the shoe with Lysol fabric or a similar disinfectant and if needed, replace the inner sole cushions. Please note that some of the tips may not be practical for certain materials like suede or leather for which I would recommend designated cleaners or these leather wipes.  

how to sanitize thrifted shoes
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How to sanitize thrifted shoes

Until next time, happy and safe hunting! 

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