Summer Clearance: Friday's Find #338

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! No...the local thrift stores have not reopened, but I did make an early morning run to an almost empty Hobby Lobby. In fact, when I saw how empty the parking lot was, I thought they were closed. Since they were open, I picked up a few end-of-summer clearance items...

summer clearance

Most of my "shopping" consists of scheduled grocery pick-ups, online purchases, and a few early-morning errands, so I use the term loosely, but I have found that the safest time to shop is the first hour when a particular store opens. Is that true in your community, too?  In the case of Hobby Lobby, I didn't see other shoppers while I was in the store. Most of the 66% off summer clearance had been picked through, but I did find this pretty French flower bucket and whimsical pick. 

summer clearance

While I may be the only blogger who has not purchased the Dollar Tree lemon dishes, I couldn't resist these pretty chargers and tea towel. 

summer clearance

Last but not least, I have been on the lookout for a shallow tray to store my rainboots and grubby garden garden clogs. Although this colorful tray was intended for serving, it's just the right size to add to my small laundry room and will clean up easily. 

summer clearance

Please join me on Sunday, when I'll be a featured as a guest on  Welcome Home Sunday! 

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Until next time, stay safe and healthy! 
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  1. You always find the best bargains! Love all. Have a great weekend!

  2. Cecelia,
    Love the lemon chargers and tea towel! I too have not bought the lemon dishes at Dollar Tree but because of our Dollar Tree stores not carrying them in the stores!!!They are building a new 12,500 sq. ft Dollar Tree in the shopping center next to our development so I hope the stock will be better when that one opens...It is 5 minutes from our house!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  3. Love all your finds! Funny about the lemon chargers:) So pretty! Hobby Lobby is so big I haven't felt bad about dropping in there. Even so, I usually limit my time there, big time! xo KATHLEEN


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