Estate Sale Treasures: Friday's Find #260

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! In addition to my usual thrifting haunts and yard sales, I've been to a few good estate sales lately, where I found this interesting piece. The seller referred to it as a vintage magazine rack. I can see it could certainly be used for that. However, when I wasn't able to find any similar ones online, I became curious. Maybe it has another use and name--if you know, please leave me a comment! Of course, you know I'm going to repurpose it anyway... 

estate sale treasures.

I found a pair of these gingham chair aprons at Goodwill for .99 each. I like the warm color for fall and the tiny print, too. 

thrift store finds

I've always loved the 1960s Stetson Marcrest Swiss Chalet pattern. AVAILABLE HERE! 

vintage 1960s dish

I have an idea for these tiny wire pumpkins--stay tuned!

estate sale finds

Last but not least, this Westbend spun aluminum covered cake plate features an acorn knob and design on the lid.

vintage cake plate

It shows some vintage wear, but it's still a fun find. AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage covered cake plate

My Thrift Store Addiction

vintage cake plate

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. If your display rack is as tall as it looks, it might be more of a quilt display rack. Those pumpkins are adorable, would make great napkin rings!

  2. How about using that magazine rack as a herb drying rack?? :-)

  3. a magic eraser would work magic on that cake plate.

  4. We used to have a magazine rack like that at a library I worked at in the early 70s. The little pumpkins are placard holders for use at a table.

  5. Love your finds; never heard the term "chair apron" before; love it! I think that magazine rack would be great for vintage hankies or towels--mabe even hung upside down to use the top as a shelf! I agree that a magic eraser would work wonders on that aluminum cake plate cover! Love that acorn!

  6. The acorn on the top of the cake cover is so cute! I love the chair covers, and I once had a rack like that...and used it for magazines!

  7. I always enjoy seeing what you have found:) Wish I lived close to you...I'd love to going treasure-hunting with you!


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