Friday's Find #230

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Last week I shared that my thrifting adventures may be slightly limited during the next several weeks due to seasonal allergies. However, it just so happened that this week the day that the pollen count was lowest was also the day of the Finds' warehouse sale. Woo-hoo! Let's start with this fabulous mid century modern bowl set-- it seems fitting for the final Friday's Find of 2017...

mid century modern gold rimmed glass bowls

The vintage set includes a serving bowl and 6 dessert or fruit dishes featuring gold scalloped edges and band detail on the heavy glass. Unfortunately, they don't appear to have been cared for properly. There are some scratches on the gold detail, so I am selling them as-is. However, they still make a lovely display and you can see from my collage that I'm going to have fun playing with them until they sell! I love the scalloped edges that resemble flower petals. Wouldn't they make a charming centerpiece? AVAILABLE HERE.

mid century modern gold rimmed glass bowls

Would you have passed on this pitiful heart basket? During the warehouse sale yellow tag items are 2 for .25. For that price, I was able to look beyond the obvious damage and see makeover potential. 

thrifted heart basket

I've had my eye out for a smaller basket for my night stand. This one was also yellow tag and freshly painted--no upcycle required! 

thrift store basket

These tiny birdhouses caught my eye. Their not-so-great spray paint job makes them another makeover candidate--stay tuned! 

thrift store birdhouses

My Thrift Store Addiction

mid century modern gold rimmed glass bowls

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. Those are great finds, yes I think I would have passed on the hearts basket, but definitely would have snapped up those birdhouses.

  2. I love those heart baskets to add a birdnest, 2 little birds (one on top, other in the nest), a few eggs, a bit of greenery and a few flowers (think apple blossoms; I'm already sick of winter--20 below here in Maine this a.m.). The birdnest (I use Spanish moss a lot) will camouflauge the broken bit. It will hang on a common pin, no need for a nail! If I'm making a winter scene, I use blue jays or cardinals and small glass bulbs for the eggs!The birdhouses have great potential for Christmas ornaments (I'm voting for a plaid ribbon hanger!). Even diet Jello is gonna taste good out of those beautiful bowls! Or shrimp cocktail on a bed of lettuce...or pudding with whipped cream....

  3. The possibilities are endless with the goodies you've found! The heart basket will be fun to play with.

    Happy New Year, Cecilia. ;)

  4. Love your finds and I couldn't have passed up any of them even the double heart basket. Lots of possibilities with that!


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