Shabby Chic Summer Bedroom: Something Old, Something New

Hi there, Friends!  With the end of July approaching, it won't be long before autumn projects begin to pop up all over. Have you noticed the stores have already started with fall decor? While I can understand how the scorching heat can make one long for the season to change, here in Texas we've got at least two more months of summer weather. That being said, I plan to finish out July with a few summer decor posts that pair something old with something new. Since it was during the holidays when I last shared my bedroom, let's start there...

shabby chic summer bedroom something old something new

If you were to stand in the doorway of my bedroom, the first thing you would see is my bed. It's no secret that I am obsessed with vintage linens and in my book, there's no such thing as too many pillows. I've found the cutest throw pillows in the clearance section of Tuesday Morning, including the pair with sequined messages (Smile & Relax) and my ice cream cone. Long before my blogging days, I used fence pickets to create my headboard and I still love it. All of these pillowcases are estate sale finds.  With the DIY headboard, clearance pillows and vintage linens, the bed displays my fondness for mixing something old and something new. Though the majority of my furnishings are thrifted vintage, here and there you'll find new and handmade accents tucked in the mix.

summer bedroom something old, something new

Most of my decor is shabby chic and very feminine--especially in the bedroom. I can get by with that since I'm single ;) The framed art is one of my artistic Dear Firstborn's photos. Instead of storing favorite jewelry in a box or drawer, why not display it? Can you tell what I used to create my jewelry stand? {See how to make your own here!}

shabby chic summer bedroom something old and something new

I love repurposing vintage linens as window treatments, like this pretty embroidered thrift store coverlet. I added clip on curtain rings and it makes a lovely curtain that stretches the width of the window or can be draped to one side as pictured.

summer bedroom something old and something new

Occasionally I change this bird cage for different seasons, but mostly I prefer the simplicity of it unadorned. 

shabby chic summer bedroom, pairing vintage with clearance

My Thrift Store Addiction

shabby chic summer bedroom

Do you enjoy mixing old and new? 

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  1. Cecilia I LOVE your bedroom linens! I also have a fetish for vintage linens, but can only get away with them in my guest BR since I am married ;). That ice cream cone pillow is adorable! Wish we had a Tuesday Mornings here but we don't. :(

  2. I wish I could see ALL of your bedroom at once! Looking at the few pictures, it seems very serene, a quality I cherish. Being surrounded by beautiful things is a good thing and something we should all do for ourselves.! I walked by that birdcage's twin at a yard sale Sat; I was conserving my dwindling funds for another dish with pink roses. Looks like love of pearls is another thing we both like! Some of my linens are vintage caz I've had them that long! My partner is very tolerant; I've made flannel penguin pillowcases for (him) us and currently have solid pink roses pillowcases (didn't you ever want to sleep in a bed of roses?) that I made of fabric from Joannes. He is short and fat; dressed in black motorcycle leathers, someone thought he looked like a penguin and the name stuck! Anyway he is very tolerant, and besides, the pink matches the colors in the floral prints on the wall! Although ironing ain't my fave, the Battenburg lace trimmed pillowcases are gorgeous, too!

  3. I do love a mix of new and old and you have done it perfectly in your bedroom. The vintage linens add so much and your new pillows are just cute!

  4. Love that mix of old and new, I do it too! I'd love to be more shabby chic but my family members would balk! I'm hoping that with the upcoming renovations I can redecorate subtly.......:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  5. Your bedroom is just lovely. Mixing in vintage linens with the new adds a lot of character and texture. You certainly have a gift of using your vintage finds in the most delightful way.

  6. That coverlet window covering is outstanding!

  7. Your bedroom is lovely, and, yes, I do love mixing old and new. I truly believe it adds character to a room!

  8. Cecelia,
    Love your beautiful linens!!Very charming!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  9. It looks so cozy, Cecilia...perfect for curling up to read or nap!

  10. Cecilia,
    So charming, inviting and cooling! This time of the year I just want cool.
    We have almost made it through July!! Fall will be here soon....sort of!

  11. Beautiful! I LOVE the idea of using the vintage linens as window treatments and also using the different pillow cases on the bed. I often see pretty pillow cases at thrift sales but never thought to use them this way - isn't that funny?

  12. I scored that exact rose pillow case at a TN flea market a while back. I ended up sending it to a friend who loves vintage linens. But how sweet to see it again featured in your house! Thoroughly enjoying your site and allll the vintage goodness!! Thanks Cecilia!

  13. Cecilia that is my kind of decorating...on a budget!

  14. I love the ice cream pillow and the curtain! Thanks for sharing at Sew It Cook It Craft It.


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