Friday's Find #201

Thank God it's thrifty Friday! Are you ready for this week's fabulous finds? The first one was a yard sale freebie--yep, free!  It may not look like much now, but I have a plan...

wooden chest

I'm sure this ornate wooden box was placed in the free box due to a crack on the lid, but the crack is just on the surface and won't affect the project I have planned for Ginger Grand one bit--I'll be sharing it on Sunday. I've scheduled my blog posts ahead for Ginger Grand's visit, so by the time you read this, he'll already be here and I will be one happy Tahtee! I've shared before the success I've had finding great books, toys and activities for kids at a fraction of the cost during my thrifting adventures. This week I'm sharing some of the gently used goodies I've gathered for my sweet boy. First, since Ginger Grand loves dinosaurs, I can't wait to read this fun Dinosaurs Galore pop-up book with him. It's so fun and colorful and all of the pop-up pieces are in perfect condition!

Dinosaurs Galore pop-up book

Next, I was drawn to this little explorer vest because years ago, Favorite Son had one that was almost identical. Little boys enjoy exploring almost as much as they do filling their pockets and this vest has ample pockets to stuff.

Explorer vest for kids

This sturdy handheld telescope was an estate sale find I know Ginger Grand will love. It was made in Italy and still has the original lens covers. 

Kids' telescope

Last, who played Twister? I played as a kid and with my kids so it will be fun to carry on the tradition with Ginger Grand. This thrifted find had never been opened. 

thrift store Twister game

UPDATE: When I gave Ginger Grand the explorer vest and telescope, they were a big hit! Here he is on our nature walk, exploring. He didn't take the vest off from breakfast to bedtime and as I predicted, the pockets were jammed full of little boy treasures ;)

fabulous thrift store finds for kids

My Thrift Store Addiction

thrifty finds for kids

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Aww, those were wonderful finds for GG! What boy wouldn't love a super vest & telescope like those! Hope you have a great time with him & I know you will. He's grown!

  2. My grandson had that vest and some of the other Backyard Safari equipment. Sadly he has outgrown it now but had a ball with it when he was younger. I know you are enjoying your grandson's visit!

  3. How cute your little boy finds are! Ginger Grand looks adorable in his vest. I am looking forward to my grandson getting a little older so I can relive the little boy years I had with my son.

  4. It looks like he loves his goodies! I know Kane would!

  5. I have played Twister about 4 years ago but now in my shape do not see a future with it. Guess I will get rid of the game! Sounds like the vest will be enjoyed!


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