15 Minute Curtain Panel Spacing Fix

Happy Monday, Friends! Have you ever been frustrated by uneven spacing between your grommet curtain panels? If your panel doesn't move as easily over a portion of the curtain rod or you've noticed crooked spacing after opening or closing the curtains, today I have an easy 15 minute fix for you

15 minute curtain spacing fix

Now you probably already have the supplies on hand--all you need is toilet paper rolls and some packing tape! Start by cutting the toilet paper roll down the center so it will slip easily over the curtain rod. Next, place the cardboard roll over the curtain rod, between the grommets. Last, secure the opening with packing tape and repeat until there is a roll between each grommet. TIP: If you need to "save" TP rolls, no worries--you can complete this project one roll at a time if need be. (The number of rolls you need will depend on how many curtain panels you have and the window size.) Easy peasy! Now when you open and close the curtains, your repurposed rolls will maintain consistent spacing! 

15 minute curtain panel spacing fix

15 minute curtain spacing fix

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