How to Paint a Keurig

Happy Monday, Friends! Have you ever considered painting a Keurig or another kitchen appliance? I have an older Keurig that still works fine but I have been wanting to give it a makeover. Since paint is usually the quickest and thriftiest way to refresh most things, I decided to give it a try...

DIY painted Keurig

Those of you who have followed my blog for any length of time may know that I am a little obsessive when it comes to painting. I am of the opinion that if something is still in good condition otherwise, but I am not thrilled with its appearance, I will try painting almost anything! So much so that I have a tab on the drop-down toolbar called You Painted What?! In addition to my many thrift store upcycles, I have been pleased with the results after painting a sofa, an oven, bathroom floors, and counters-so why not a Keurig? Here's a better view of my after. 

DIY painted tutorial

Let me start by saying that I did not paint the water reservoir or the inside of the pod holder, so protect these areas in addition to taping areas that you don't want painted. I chose a green spray paint (Krylon Color Maxx in Satin Pistachio) that is close to the color of jadeite and a few shades darker than my mint green oven. I will warn you this requires some patience--it takes more time to tape what can't be painted than to actually paint what can, but it was worth it! Also, one of the trickiest challenges was figuring out how to paint around the buttons and their functions because the display is angled on my older model. I finally came up with the idea to stagger round Band-Aids which worked really well. (See images 2 and 6.) I used painter's tape to protect the other surfaces. Below are the instructions for each numbered image.

  1. Clean all the surfaces well and remove the water reservoir
  2. Use round Band-Aids to tape off the buttons and labeled functions.
  3. Bag or tape the power cord. 
  4. Wrap every single part you do not want painted with painter's tape. (I also taped any place that would come in contact with the water or coffee pods.)
  5. Spray paint thoroughly using two light coats. I highly recommend using a spray paint trigger.
  6. Allow to dry completely before carefully removing the tape.  
  7. Optional: Paint the drip tray insert a contrasting color. I painted mine the same brushed silver as the original handle on my model.
**Update: After 2 months, my painted Keurig still looks and functions great!**
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  1. That is so freakin' cute! I have that same model Keurig - it's old!

  2. Brilliant, just brilliant! I have an air fryer that I am thinking of painting! Thanks for the idea 😊

  3. Wow! Amazing!!!! What a difference. I love the pistachio color, I think it it looks so close to jadite.
    xo LisaS


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