Neighborhood Garage Sale Vintage Glam: Friday's Find #247

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Last weekend I went to a local neighborhood wide garage sale and scored some beautiful European treasures. Check out these vintage glam finds... 

vintage glam garage sale finds

When my thoughtful friend Audrey, from Timeless Treasures emailed me about the upcoming sale in her neighborhood, I decided to go. In the past I've scored some wonderful finds at the annual sale and in fact, it's where I first met Audrey. Though she wasn't participating in the sale this year, she kindly arranged for me to preview the sale at her neighbor Phyllis' house. Phyllis is the sweet lady who sold me the whimsical pumpkin carriage cake topper that served as the inspiration for my fairy tale express repurposed miniature garden, and for my book cover, too! 

Fairy Tale Express miniature garden
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Once again, I came home with some fabulous finds from her sale. First, these lovely evening gloves are soft leather and are pristine! AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage evening gloves

Though I have a fondness for vintage bags, I confess I didn't know much about the gold mesh variety until I came home and did a little research. Both small bags that I purchased from Phyllis have the original tags; this one from Whiting & Davis Co. They are the oldest handbag company in the US and have been manufacturing beautiful bags since the late 1800s. This small pouch features a wrist chain. 

vintage Whiting & Davis Hollywood glam gold mesh bag

Here, you can see the tag and hand stitched lining. AVAILABLE HERE!

vintage Whiting & Davis Co gold mesh bag

This little coin purse is one of the European treasures I mentioned. It features a tortoise shell clasp, that fastens securely and is rare because... 

Made in US zone Germany vintage gold mesh bag dates back to the WWII aftermath in 1945, as displayed by the Made in US Zone Germany tag. AVAILABLE HERE!

Made in US zone Germany vintage gold mesh purse

I'll be sharing the rest of my vintage treasures from Phyllis next week. The only thing I purchased from another sale in the neighborhood are two small framed prints from Florence, Italy.

vintage art from Florence Italy

As noted on the backs, they feature an antiquing technique that imitates 13th century originals. 

vintage art from Florence, Italy

They definitely possess an old world charm and make a lovely pair. 

vintage art from Florence Italy

The set is AVAILABLE HERE!  

vintage art from Florence Italy

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vintage glam finds from Germany and Italy

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. Lovely finds! I have a vintage purse like that one!

  2. Love the mesh bags. My mother has a mesh box-like thing that holds her manicure set.

  3. Wow, those are some cool finds. Love the mesh bags - how cool are they?

  4. Love your finds. You'd be ready for a night at the theatre with the bag and gloves! My late mother-in-law had a mesh eyeglass case. Your gloves are gorgeous; I love to find scruffy cheap ones to use for dollhouse creations! Hats, shoes, purses, jackets (Look at the thumb for sleeves!). As I have large hands, they NEVER, EVER fit me! Hod, the father in The Borrowers, used a glove thumb as his collecting bag!

  5. Great finds, Cecilia--sounds like you had a lovely day :) Audrey is a real sweetheart.

  6. Wonderful vintage finds. I love evening bags you really scored on those two and the evening gloves are lovely. You had an all round great day of antiquing.

  7. Cecelia,
    Totally adore the gloves and the vintage purse!! I have a few myself....
    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by!! Thanks too for your kind and encouraging words on my post about getting my MOJO back! I truly appreciated it!!

  8. Congrats on your lovely finds. I have the long white gloves I wore in high school pageants and to the prom (yes, I'm so old we wore real gloves in those days!) I also have a pair that belonged to my grandmother and a flapper's hat that belonged to my aunt:) Love them! The little purses you found are precious. Don't you wonder who was the young lady who used them?

  9. I love a thift store bargain, here in England we call them charity shops, my mum used to be a volunteer in one which raised money for the local children's hospice #happynow@_karendennis

  10. Oooh pretty! What fun finds :) #Happynowlinkup

  11. I love vintage framea sometimes i display as is sometimes use them with new artwork and sometimes i even paint them (sorry anyone that offends lol)
    That cake topper for a fairy garden is adorable btw.

  12. This coming weekend is 1 of a few "town" garage sales, but its calling for alot of rain so we shall see if we go, but they are my favorite


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