Vintage Baskets: Friday's Find #249 Plus the Giveaway Winner

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Since there are so many creative uses for baskets, I am always on the lookout when I'm thrifting. This week among other things, I scored an eclectic assortment of basketry. I'm also excited to share the Canvas Factory Giveaway winner... 

thrift store vintage basket

...Linda, from A La Carte! Congratulations, Linda! Now onto this week's finds!  I fell in love with the perfectly round shape of the small vintage basket above, featuring a lid and woven clasp. Next, my close up photo of this tiny chest basket  makes the size appear larger than it is. In reality, it's small enough to consider as fairy garden/gnome home inspiration!

thrift store baskets

I'm not sure if this basket style wine bottle tote is vintage, but it put me in mind of rattan I remember from the 70s. I can see using it a number of ways. 

rattan wine tote basket

Wicker desk organizers are another versatile type of basket. I have one like this that is overflowing with stickers for crafting with Ginger Grand, so this one will be put to good use. 

thrifted wicker mail sorters

The last two items aren't baskets but are bargains from the 2/.25 sale. Are you familiar with quillows? I'm not sure exactly when, but I do recall a fad for sewing the small quilts with pockets that can be folded into pillows. When Ginger Grand visits, there are frequent park and picnic outings, so this will be handy to keep in the car. 

thrift store finds of the week

The other bargain find piqued my curiosity. On the left, is the bottom of the thick wood cylinder which is open at the top. I have an idea for an upcycle, but I would love to know its original purpose if anyone knows! 

thrift store finds of the week

Last but not least, I forgot to include two lovely floral garlands I bought from Phyllis at the neighborhood garage sale.  This pretty pink one... 

neighborhood garage sale finds

... and a cream colored one too. 

floral garland

My Thrift Store Addiction

thrifted vintage baskets

Before I go, I want to let you know about the Tea & Roses Blog Hop and Spring Tea Party! The hop will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a line up of 12 creative bloggers, followed by a tea party link-up! I'll have more details when I share on Tuesday and I think you'll really enjoy it! 

Tea and Roses Blog Hop

See you Tuesday! Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. Hi Cecilia!
    Love all the baskets, but the little round one is my favorite. Have wondered lately why I all of a sudden have been finding so many awesome vintage baskets on my thrifting rounds. But, since its a good thing...
    And I'm not sure, but the wine holder basket looks old to me also.
    All the Best,

  2. Is your wooden cylinder very small? Out looks like ones I have found with sewing needles in them. They are usually thumb sized; I can't tell the size of yours.

  3. What wonderful baskets! I love the little round one also. Well I am so excited to win the Canvas giveaway! Wow!! Thank you!!

  4. Quillow, never heard that before but great idea! Reminds me of my 80s windbreaker that folded down and into a fanny pack lol...

  5. Love your baskets. I have been adding more to my collection ... buying only the older ones or splint oak. Sure getting hard to find. My favorite would be the round one with the lid. I miss the 25¢ sales. Glad you got the rose garlands from Phyllis ... I know you will do something fun with them.
    Audrey Z.

  6. Love, love, love those garlands! I had to stop buying baskets, I had too many! xo Kathleen

  7. Oh, I love those unique baskets!

  8. Enjoyed all your finds. I think the round basket should have an 8 week old kitten in it. The wine bottle holder would be great in a narrow spot with tall sprays of flowers (forsythia is still here in Maine)--faux or real. Ine thing about having too many baskets, is I can always keep my most favorite one and pass on the least favorite! Last week I got 4 hurricane lamps, some other stuff and the woman's grandmother's splint oak picnic basket with lid for $8 (What was she thinking????). Still haven't figured what I want to use it for. Ginger Grand will love trying to figure out how to repack the Quillow; you're a good Gram!

  9. Cecelia,
    Love the baskets!! Thanks so muchf or stopping by!! I will definitely be linking up to the Tea Cup party and I will be visiting all those participating in the Blog Hop too!!


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