Friday's Find #168

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! As promised, today I'm sharing my fabulous finds from my recent thrifting adventures with Cecilia @The B Farm and she'll be sharing her treasures today too. First, like the store name, I was instantly smitten when I spied this vintage mother deer and fawn. You may remember, I already have the matching antlered buck. Aren't they sweet? I also found this fun sparkly pom-pom garland...

vintage felt deer

...and this cute little cement bird. All three were bargains and keepers!

cement bird

Now for the thrift store finds! This pastel colored turkey really caught my eye. Cecilia and I both thought he looked handmade and then the day after I bought him, we saw several similar ones in darker colors--perhaps a local artisan. I love the pastel hues though and I haven't seen another like him.

handmade ceramic turkey

Here's a blast from the past--remember these? My mother and most of my friends' moms had these when I was growing up. Recently, I saw a post from a blogger on Facebook who was remembering the one in her childhood home. Since this one is missing the base and the lights, it was a steal. I'm still debating on whether to keep it and give it a makeover or sell it...decisions, decisions!  What would you do?

vintage ceramic Christmas tree

Trays have been good sellers in my vintage Etsy shop and I love the cheerful holly pattern on this Hallmark design. Available

Vintage Hallmark Christmas tray

I always enjoy finding handmade pieces like these charming Christmas hot pads. Available

Vintage Christmas hot pads

Speaking of handmade, I think these whimsical hand painted bears could create such a cute vignette. Another idea, consider Mr. Bear's top hat and add a veil, a little lace and glitter to Miss Bear and they could even be used as rustic wedding or shower decor. Available

Hand painted wooden bears

Finding little holiday trinkets like these for .25 each is part of the thrill of the hunt! 

thrift store Christmas decor

Remember to drop by and see all of Cecilia B.'s fabulous finds! Also, join us at this week's Vintage Charm party. It's live thru Monday morning and it's the perfect opportunity to visit and share your vintage treasures and repurposed projects. You're sure to be inspired by the features from other talented bloggers and who knows--you might just make some new friends too!

Vintage Charm link party

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. We had great fun finding our treasures, didn't we? I now have friends wanting to go to Fredericksburg so they can check Smitten out! Sounds like a day trip! :-)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love you finds. I've seen a Christmas tree like yours painted white with pastel ornaments on it (probably on Pinterest). I've been looking for one for a while to makeover. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. I've found the trees sell well on Etsy & you can little bulbs on eBay. Very sweet finds. Love the bears!

  4. Great finds! Love that sweet little deer and fawn. Always love finding Christmas treasures. I have that exact nutcracker book ornament, and I put out 3 vintage ceramic lighted trees that are 3 different heights every Christmas. I've had them for years and I still love them.

  5. I have that identical turkey in autumn colors, found at a thrift store. Could it be a paint-it-yourself and then have it fired item? Mine is even painted on the bottom.

  6. Love your finds Cecilia ... the cement bird is so cute ... the bottle-brush-look Christmas tree and the ceramic tree is a nice find even without the lights. I have a large one and bought the missing lights off eBay. You will enjoy that, even 'as is' ... but anxious to see what you do with it.

  7. Lots of cute treasures, Cecelia...I especially love the deer!

  8. Love the doe and they have a soft velvety surface? I remember some from long ago that did. I would keep the ceramic tree, it's so cute :)

  9. Love the doe and they have a soft velvety surface? I remember some from long ago that did. I would keep the ceramic tree, it's so cute :)

  10. Love your blog. The concrete bird is an Isabel Bloom from Davenport, Iowa. I have had a number of her pieces and love all of them. Blessings

  11. Great finds. I hope you can find the little plastic lights to put on the tree & a base for the little light to make the lights glow. You could even use beads or little plastic, opaque balls. I have a tree from my aunt. My mother has one a friend made in the 1960s. Hers is white with "snow". Marbles are the "light" in pastel colors. I love them both.


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