Friday's Find #166

TGITF Friends! Isn't it funny when you're out thrifting and you realize the items you're choosing seem to have a common theme? Maybe they aren't identical, but complement each other instead. There are times when I'm sure two items have come from the same home. Have you noticed the same thing too? Though not necessarily priced as pairs, I discovered this week's fabulous finds in sets of two.  Like this vintage aluminum basket....

vintage aluminum basket

...and narrow tray.  I love the smaller size--so handy! 

vintage aluminum tray

These pretty mini salt and pepper shakers feature the Winterberry pattern manufactured by Pfaltzgraff and were sold as a set, still in the original box. Wouldn't these be lovely at the Christmas table? Four perfect pairs are Available

Pfaltzgraff mini salt and pepper shakers

Another item still in its original box, was this Pampered Chef Family Heritage Stoneware Autumn Wreath. It was the first in the Seasons of the Heart Series, 2003 and is in absolutely perfect condition. These quality molds are popular not only for cookie and shortbread, but also with crafters for ornaments, beeswax and paper casting.  Available

Pampered Chef Autumn Wreath

The second Pampered Chef is the Teddy Bear, from 1991. Though I've never used the molds for baking, I've always admired their detailed design reminiscent of folk art. They would be charming tucked inside a gift basket too. Available

1991 Pampered Chef Teddy Bear

Last, is a set of two anodized aluminum Westbend 1950s canisters. They are extremely clean on the inside, but do have some vintage wear. Both the tea and coffee markings on the front, have a few scratches and the lids have chipped paint. I considered repainting the lids, as they are metal and it would be easy enough to do. However, I know some people prefer the original worn imperfections, so I decided to sell them slightly discounted and leave any refinishing up to the buyer. Available

Vintage canisters

I've been adding new inventory to the shop here on the blog! I hope you enjoy browsing! 

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Lots of great seasonal finds...I love the hammered aluminum!

  2. So many great finds. I love the aluminum trays and use them all the time!

  3. You've used those little glass (?) acorns as accessories before and I love them! Did you make or buy them?

  4. Great finds. I love the aluminum west bend canisters. I have so many hodgepodge ones and no full sets!

  5. Nice stuff Cecilia. Pretty aluminum pieces and salt/pepper shakers will be so nice for Christmas. Have a great week-end.
    Audrey Z.

  6. I agree that you got some lovely pieces. I love the aluminum items.

  7. I do notice themes like that sometimes (often times, really) when I shop, Cecilia. I used to have the PC bear cookie mold - nice memory from when my kids were little. Have a great weekend.

  8. Love the aluminum pieces! I can't resist those whenever I see them.

  9. I love the canisters just the way they are! Love the pampered chef pieces too :)

  10. You always find the most amazing items. I think I need a thrifting lesson! ;)


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