Friday's Find #160

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I spent part of the rainy weekend splashing through the puddles to a few sales. First, I went to the sale of several sisters who evidently were quilters. Silly me, wondered if anyone else would be out in the rain or if the sale may have even been cancelled altogether. Ha! There was barely standing room in the packed garage. They were selling tons of fat quarters and crafting supplies and everything was $1. I'd picked out several things and was actually standing in line when I saw bags of Indian corn in this old crock. The corn was priced but the crock didn't appear to be for sale, but of course, I had to ask. Good thing I did-- I got the crock and all of the corn inside for $3! Happy dance! 

Antique crock

I'll share more of my treasures from that sale next week since I'd already photographed the rest of my finds. Next, I went back for second day mark downs at an estate sale on my block. I had my eye on a few things I hoped would still be there half price. First, another pretty vintage perfume decanter. With it's delicate gold design, it will be the perfect addition to my spa on wheels. Here's the photo I'd taken the day before and guess what? It was still there!

Vintage perfume decanter

I rarely pass on sweet Beatrix Potter books!

Beatrix Potter books

Another small handmade primitive corn husk doll. This little sweeper is only a little over 3" tall. Available in my new shop on the blog! I'm gradually transitioning my vintage shop here, so bear with me during the process and check back often as I'll be adding new inventory each week. 

Handmade primitive corn husk doll

I have never seen anything like these adorable tiny cornucopia napkin rings. I scored a bag of 20 at a local thrift store. I will be keeping half for an upcoming project, but the other 10 are Available.

Cornucopia napkin rings

These plastic pumpkins are for another project in the works...

Plastic pumpkins

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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  1. Wow, you find the best sales! I'm curious about your new shop! Are you doing it to replace your etsy one? It's nice it will be right here on your blog!

  2. Love your finds Cecilia! Especially love the perfume decanter & cornucopia napkin rings!

  3. Good stuff Cecilia ... glad you made that "everything $1.00 sale". I should have gone !!! Love the crock and Indian corn. Just in time for Fall decorating and the corn husk doll too.

  4. Lots of great finds, but that perfume bottle is gorgeous!

  5. Lot of fun finds but the perfume bottle is gorgeous. The rain rarely deters me from a good sale.

  6. Love that wonderful crock, Cecelia! Following over on Instagram now!

  7. The crock is perfectly distressed and I must remember to get some small Indian corn this Fall for my iron holder. How fun to have a shop right on your blog. I hope it is very successful for you!


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