DIY Orange Peppermint Pest Spray: The 15 Minute Fix

Happy Wednesday, Friends! Today's 15 minute fix will help rid your home of unwanted pests during the summer months. It's chemical free, smells amazing and can be sprayed directly on your kitchen counters!

DIY orange peppermint pest spray
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Most people I know have battled indoor pests at one time or another especially during the summer.  This fragrant spray works especially well for ants and spiders and contains only three ingredients: distilled water, orange essential oil and peppermint essential oil. Citrus oils contain limonene which is toxic to ants and peppermint oil repels spiders. Just add 20 drops of each to a 24 ounce spray bottle of distilled water and shake before spraying--that's it! I use it to wipe down my kitchen counters and it can also be sprayed on baseboards and near door entries. Ever get those tiny spiders that make webs in the windows or ants trailing in from outside? Works like a charm and it smells wonderful! 

DIY orange peppermint pest spray

I buy my essential oils from Amazon for several reasons. First, they offer more potent therapeutic grade oils for the best price. I am often able to buy a 4 oz bottle for the same price that a 2 oz bottle would cost locally. Also, they have the best selection. I can pretty much find any essential oil in more than one brand and size. Plus since I have Prime, I get free two day delivery which comes in really handy since availability is limited in my small rural town. {Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial}

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DIY orange peppermint pest spray

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  1. Thank you for this! Now I can get rid my husband's ant traps all of the house!!

  2. Going to give this a try. I've never used essential oils but ordering now.

    1. My essential oils came yesterday so I will be making my spray this week. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  3. I will have to try that. I am just getting into using natural cleaning products that you make yourself and this would also be something I could use. We have alot of spiders inside and out. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I'll have to make up a batch of this spray! Store bought bug spray is so strong and smelly! Can't wait to try a more pleasing alternative! Thanks for sharing your recipe! :) ~Rhonda

  5. A must make ... thanks Cecilia.

  6. This is fabulous, my friend, and I bet it smells amazing! I must make some soon as I have been noticing quite a few spiders around my home. Hugs!

  7. Natural is so much better than those nasty chemicals. Thanks so much!! Off to pin...

  8. I need to try this, Cecilia. Tiny black ants are over-running my kitchen! I have both oils so I'm making a batch up pronto! Thanks for the recipe. I'd always rather use organic over chemical.


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