Friday's Find #158

TGITF Friends!  I've been working on a special project and my vision includes a vintage perfume decanter. Of course I've seen them countless times when I wasn't in the market and I just knew I would find one on my recent adventure but my search was unsuccessful until...

vintage perfume decanter

...I returned to home sweet home and stopped by a fun recently opened shop Lemons & Lace. They just opened in June and I'd only been in once before.  I think the sign is so cute!

Lemons & Lace thrift store

Anyway, imagine my delight when my eyes landed on this little beauty! 

vintage perfume decanter

I am totally smitten with the ornate detail and the pretty glass stopper. It is just what I envisioned for my project--coming soon!

Vintage perfume decanter

By now you know my affection for vintage print; I'm a pushover for vintage sheet music, children's books and even the occasional appliance manual. One of the thrift stores I frequent had stacks of vintage magazines for $1 each. Unfortunately, most were very damaged or had many loose pages but I did find this one. Isn't the art on the cover gorgeous? 

vintage Century Illustrated Monthly magazine 1886

The last few finds are from the same yard sale. Random bargains that I'll have on hand for future projects and can shop my home instead of buying new.

A lovely mini lavender wreath for .75,

lavender wreath

a brand new dragonfly lantern for a quarter,

dragonfly lantern

and a sweet little Christmas tin, also a quarter! 

Christmas tin

Until next time, happy hunting!
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  1. Wow, did you find those at the new thrift store? Awesome prices! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with the perfume bottle! That is a beauty! I love the old sheet music too!

  2. Cecilia ... you amaze me in always finding just what you are looking for when you have a certain project in mind. Love all your new finds. The Christmas tin is so sweet.

  3. I adore the perfume bottle. I have a small collection and they are so pretty. That magazine is so unique!

  4. Love the little Santa tin and that gorgeous perfume bottle. Can't wait to see what you make with it.

  5. You always find the coolest things! The perfume bottle is beautiful and the magazine cover is fabulous! You know I love me some vintage illustrations. Great finds.


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