Friday's Find #139

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! These spunky carrot toting  bunnies were a thrift store find and I paid $2 for the pair, so imagine my surprise to see the same ones at World Market. Don't you love it when that happens? Come see the rest of this week's fab finds...

Friday's Find #139 This week's fab finds including these sweet bunnies!

At the same store, I found this lovely embroidered pillow for a whopping $1.50! 

Friday's Find #139 This week's fab finds including this lovely embroidered basket of flowers pillow

I've sold several vintage camera cases in my Etsy shop, so when I see one, I grab it. Available!

Friday's Find #139 This week's fab finds including this vintage camera case

I found the bottle brush trees and tiny shrubs at an estate sale.

Friday's Find #139 This week's fab finds including an assortment of bottle brush trees and shrubs!

The pewter goblet and mint julep cup are from the fairly new local Goodwill. 

Friday's Find #139 This week's fab finds including a vintage pewter goblet and julep cup

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Friday's Find #139 This week's fab thrift store finds!

Until next time, happy hunting!


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  1. Perfect timing in finding the bunnies!

  2. Just in time for easter - bunnies and a basket pillow!

  3. Nice find on the World Market Bunnies, they are so unique :)

  4. Love your finds. The bunnies are cute and even better at a bargain price. Love that pillow!

  5. Great finds! Love the rabbits... very cute! Happy Easter!

  6. My grandmother had the same pattern on the pillow which she had embroidered onto dresser scarves. It was an iron on which she would use over and over using ink to renew it.

  7. Lots of nice finds, Cecelia! Love the basket embroidery and the rabbits are so cute!

  8. Love those bunnies, I have some white deer just like them from World Market, they were really big at Christmas. Great score! And the pillow is darling! xoKathleen

  9. Happy Easter Cecilia ... love the bunnies. Great variety of finds and good prices.
    Audrey Z.

  10. All your finds are good, but I especially love the tiny shrubs. Bottle brush trees are easy to find at thrift shops here but the shrubs are new to me. So cute!

  11. It is such fun to find treasures. I love the pillow. It is so sweet. It makes me think of hanky's women used back in the day.


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