Friday's Find #138

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! After the gorgeous weather during my recent trip to Canton, I came home to a week of rainy days which delayed my photos a bit. I actually snapped these in between showers--wet pavement and all!  You've been patiently waiting and today I'm excited to share the fabulous finds from First Monday ...

Friday's Find #138 Vintage treasures and more from First Monday in Canton, Texas

Since my infatuation with vintage chicken feeders continues to grow, I was thrilled to find a different variety than the others I have.  I knew right away it would make the perfect planter--especially for $5!

Friday's Find #138 Vintage chicken feeder repurposed as planter, from First Monday in Canton, Texas

Last summer, when I styled a mantel featuring vintage toys (which also happened to include a chicken feeder) I passed on a pair of skates like these because they were $20. These were marked $8 but the vendor took the $5 I offered.  Happy dance!

Friday's Find #138 Vintage skates add garden whimsy, from First Monday in Canton, Texas

I bought the finger pointer and keys from the same vendor. The keys will be upcycled for Secret Garden Herbs.  Here's how I used the pointer and the wooden arrow sign I picked up on our way out--both point toward the garden gate:

Friday's Find #138 Vintage chicken feeder and signs from First Monday in Canton, Texas

A few months ago, I almost bought a similar set of bed springs in Fredericksburg.  I decided to wait and now I''m glad I did--I found this for 1/3 the price!  I've always wanted to use one as a garden trellis.  

Friday's Find #138 Vintage bed springs turned trellis, from First Monday in Canton, Texas

My friend Carly's son Maddux, helped me plant a patch of wildflowers

Friday's Find #138 My gardening buddy helps plant wildflowers in front of repurposed trellis

and then later I added Carolina jessamine plus morning glory seeds which will both climb my repurposed trellis nicely! 

Friday's Find #138 Vintage bedsprings repurposed as garden trellis

Last, but not least are the lovely linens I found after digging through several gigantic carts! I love the embroidery which shows the chick doing various chores on different days of the week. Sunday's my favorite ~ she's got her church bonnet on and she's strutting her stuff ;) 

Friday's Find #138 Vintage linens from First Monday in Canton, Texas

Friday's Find #138 Thank you for pinning!

Friday's Find #138 Vintage finds repurposed for the garden

Until next time, happy hunting!


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  1. Love everything. Thanks for sharing .

  2. Eep! Look at you! You've all ready got your Canton things out and repurposed! Love how you used each item. The springs look great on your sure to share when the vines grow up it, ok? It was a fun shopping trip, wasn't it? My sis and I are doing a one day trip the next time...too much going on to stay the night. Glad you got to go this last time!

  3. I was at Canton, too! The weather was perfect! You found a lot of great things! Fun! Fun!
    Wishing you JOY!!

  4. Love all your finds, but I especially love those bed springs. They are awesome! I've been looking for some for my garden for a long time and no luck yet. The embroidery is very sweet. I love most hand embroidered things. So pretty!

  5. how cute are your finds! I love the bedsprings idea,can't wait to see the flowers climb:)

  6. I am dying to find a good pair of bed springs. I think I'll have to actually purchase an old mattress and pull it apart to get one.

  7. Love your use of the bed springs for a trellis.

  8. I like the idea with the springs on the fence, great idea.

  9. I love the springs as a trellis! The linens made me smile. Happy weekend.

  10. I can't wait to see the trellis full of greenery!! The little Sunday chick is so cute too. Have a fabulous weekend Cecilia :)

  11. Looks like you got the things you wanted! That is always the best part of seeking treasures.

  12. Oh my goodness, I had skates like that in our garage growing up! Fun memories. I remember the key, too...

  13. Your garden will be so enjoyable this summer. The bed springs will make a beautiful trellis. Love your new feeder too. I have seen some similar to that one that was used for rabbit feeders. It make a great planter.

  14. I love the stuff you found. I like the bed springs but Mr. Deanie probably wouldn't drag them home for me. LOL!

    xo Dianne

  15. Cute! I love the embroidered towels... I remember doing those kind of patterns on towels with my grandma when I was little... about 100 years ago. ;)

  16. Beautiful finds! Chicken feeders as planters, love the idea! Loving those pretty linens:) Hugs, Poppy

  17. Cecelia,
    LOVE everything!! And perfect for the garden! Thanks so much for stopping by and I am glad that my Easter Cross brought back some memories for you!


  18. I have always wanted one of those bedsprings as well, what a great idea to use it as a trellis! I'm so glad you found one at a good price! xo Kathleen

  19. Love all your finds but the days of the week linens are my favorites. I've been on the hunt for some bed springs too. Hopefully I'll find some at a good price too. Sb

  20. All of your finds are great, but my favorite is the roller skates - I had some almost identical as a child.

    thanks for sharing at SYC.

  21. I LOVE those old bedsprings you have hanging on your fence. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with Talk of the Town.


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