Lavender Festival at Becker Vineyards

Greetings Friends! Today I am sharing highlights from a lavender festival I attended at a local vineyard...

Lavender festival
Becker Vineyards in Stonewall, hosts an annual lavender festival and I try to go every year. My past purchases include lavender honey, culinary lavender and a lavender cookbook. I've sampled lavender lemonade, lavender chocolate and lavender margaritas!  Besides their popular wine, there are cooking demonstrations, local artisans, vast fields of lavender...

Lavender festival

...and poppies! 

Fields of poppies

Isn't this a great sign posted between the fields of flowers?

Lavender festival

One of my favorite things is the Lavender Market which sells goodies made from the vineyard's store.  

Lavender Festival

Heavenly scented soaps, lotions and sachets smell good enough to eat!  

The Lavender Market

I buy soap and lavender comfrey salve every year! 

The Lavender Market

It's so fun to browse crafts from the talented artisans.  Look at the beautiful pottery! 

Arts and Crafts at the lavender festival

 Isn't this hand painted tray by Danny and Penny Henderson Designs gorgeous?

Lavender festival

They also sold amazing handmade Lazy Susans, like this one....

Lavender festival

...and fabulous vintage silverware jewelry. I have always loved spoon rings.  I have a ring...

Vintage silverware jewelry I splurged on a bracelet ;)  I hadn't seen one with a pearl before and I adore the pairing! 

Vintage silverware bracelet

Hope you enjoyed the festival!

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  1. Great, I love it! Enjoy the day honey!

    Check my last post here!
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  2. Fun trip Cecilia. Those wedges of soap do look like candy. I bet that place smells wonderful. Love your bracelet. Thanks for taking us along on your trip to the Lavender Market.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  3. This is my kind of fair. I think with all of the lavender around I would be very mellow. lol Have a lovely new week. Hugs, Jo

  4. it is a lovely ring. I have seen napkin rings made from spoons.

  5. It all looks wonderful! I have never been to a Lavender Festival. There is one about an hour away that I have been meaning to go to every summer. I have to get there this year. I imagine it to be just like your pictures!

  6. That bracelet is beautiful! I think I would have chosen that one too.

  7. Oh, I love the bracelet you chose. I wear a spoon bracelet and a ring, too. Some of my favorite pieces! And the lavender all looks fabulous! I would have been in heaven! Hugs, Diane....the lavender dreamer

  8. Your bracelet is gorgeous, great choice. This is my kind of place!! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


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