Thrifty and Beautiful Gift Wrapping Tips

Happy Monday, Friends! Do you have some last-minute wrapping left? Today I'm sharing a few of my thrifty tips to create beautifully wrapped gifts...

beautiful gift wrap

Shop the dollar store and thrift stores year round 

Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things! 
("My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music) 

beautiful gift wrap

You can find brown parcel paper at the dollar store. Instead of strings, I prefer pretty ribbon, which I shop for at thrift stores year round. 

beautiful gift wrap

Buy End of Season Clearance & Use Unexpected Trim

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I paid full price for wrapping paper. It's also the best time to find accessories for packages like the pretty bells featured in both pictures. At 90% off, the wrapping paper and bells were under a dollar! Also, get creative when it comes to trimming your gifts. Small pieces of greenery or fragrant dried oranges are lovely and inexpensive accents. Velvet ribbon adds a luxe texture

beautiful gift wrap

"Repurpose" Bargains as Wrapping Paper

Create your own unique wrapping paper by repurposing bargains finds...

beautiful gift wrap these .50 tablecloths marked down after Thanksgiving! 

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Thrifty & beautiful wrapping tips

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  1. I just love that pink velvet ribbon! I love the idea of the jingle bells--especially on kids' packages; you could tell if they are sneaking a peek! My kids admitted to doing that once--and then realized they had no surprises on Christmas morning and never did it again! I love the tablecloth idea--that is about the only thing I've never used to wrap gifts in. I love using dish towels--a trick of my mother's from 60+ years ago. So help me, I am gonna start wrapping in Oct. next year. I am SOO tired. Bake and wrap have become 4 letter words!


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