Friday's Find #135

Thank God it's thrifty Friday Friends! On the rare occasion that I'm not shopping thrift stores, I have a few favorite haunts that I love to browse locally. Smitten is one of those places and I often find bargain vintage pieces like this sweet mama rabbit and her baby. You can read more about my adventures at Smitten here, but first check out the rest of this week's fabulous features...

Friday's Find #135 Fabulous thrift store finds of the week including vintage mama rabbit and baby

Transferware! Need I say more? I found this Staffordshire sugar bowl at one of the thrifts I visit regularly. It's the kind of place that I can shop three weeks in a row without finding one thing but then I find the little something that makes my frequent trips worthwhile! This charmer is right at home in my recently revamped china cabinet.

Friday's Find #135 Fabulous thrift store finds of the week including vintage transferware sugar bowl

I often buy shakers that are missing mates. I have plans for this copper topped lovely. (Update: see how I used it here!

Friday's Find #135 Fabulous thrift store finds of the week including a vintage copper topped shaker

Corn husk dolls are a frequent seller in my vintage Etsy shop and I couldn't pass on this rustic lady with her very own corn husk goose! 

Friday's Find #135 Fabulous thrift store finds of the week including prim cornhusk doll with goose

I also found this trio who seem to have been crafted by the same artisan. Perhaps they are Goose Girl's younger sisters ;) 

Friday's Find #135 Fabulous thrift store finds of the week including prim cornhusk doll trio

Guess what? On Monday, I'm starting a new series called The 15 Minute Fix.  As someone with a bent toward perfectionism, there were times in the past when I procrastinated or avoided a task altogether if I didn't have a big window of time to complete it.  In time, I've really come to appreciate that the little things really do matter. Since I've applied this practice to projects as well, I am often surprised by how much I am able to accomplish when I simplify. There will be mini makeovers, quickie garden tips and more, so drop by and check it out!

Friday's Find #135 New Series: The 15 Minute Fix

Until next time, happy hunting!

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  1. Your sweet finds are making me want to get out there and start thrifting! I have been inside all week with a cold. I love everything you found!

  2. Oh be still my heart! I love the sugar bowl! The bunnies and cornhusk dolls made me smile and just what are you going to do with that shaker? :-)
    I am so guilty of procrastinating on a project if I don't have a large block of time to do it start to finish so I'm looking forward to you 15 Minute Fix feature. Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Cecilia

  3. You found lots of Goodies...I especially like the copper top shaker, cant wait to see what you will do with it :)

  4. Love the mommy rabbit and her baby. So sweet. Can't wait to see what you do with the shaker.

  5. I so love thrift shopping and like you I may stop many times with no purchases but then a little something special is there! The bunnies are adorable and I collect 'orphan' salt and pepper shakers!

  6. The bunnies are too sweet! I have way too much Easter stuff but I would have bought them anyway! Can't wait for you 15 minute tips! xo Kathleen

  7. What a sweet little bunny and English sugar bowl. It sounds like an interesting series! xoxo Su

  8. I have never seen a copper topped S&P shaker! How do you clean them out?

  9. Your new feature sounds fun Cecilia--looking forward to it :) Your bunnies are darling, and just in time for Easter!

  10. Love your little bunnies. Perfect for Easter. I need your "15 Minute Fix" now ... hard to wait and hope you will cover some of what needs fixed around here.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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